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14/06/2019 07:10
Hope you enjoy this one! ----------------------------------------   We're all packed and ready to go, everything prepared, everything ready. Except our hearts.  There's no question of us going.  When your Lord calls, you grab your bow, or hunting knife, or your grandfather's...


30/05/2019 09:45
It's been a while since I published a story but I hope you enjoy this now it's here! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leaving the egg is difficult, even though the membrane is thin now that there is far more of her than of...

30 Drifting

12/04/2019 10:07
Bit of an environmental theme going on with the last couple of stories! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The plastic bottle lies innocently on the beach, the last dregs of the ‘pure, natural spring water’ it was sold with puddled inside. ...


01/04/2019 13:58
Meeting a genuine genie who really offers you three wishes may be disconcerting.  Put on the spot, how does one know what to wish for first?  Money – house – car might seem like a good starting point, and if you say them quickly enough the genie might even consider them to be one...

28 Destroying

27/03/2019 10:50
This one was a bit of a struggle, but it's done at last!  Hope you enjoy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I remember when the world was young and my forest stretched beyond every horizon.  Then I felt invincible, that my trees would...

27 Building

06/02/2019 07:00
Wow, am I glad to get this one finished! For a flash fiction piece, it took a ridiculously long time to write. But, it's done now - enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fairy Fluff hovered near the...


09/01/2019 06:29
A nomadic life doesn’t seem made for meeting others – in fact, not meeting others might seem rather the point. Still, now and again, you encounter someone, share a meal, swap a story or two. Those encounters remind you that you’re alive, remind you how to speak – sometimes remind you that you can...

Yeah, so I've never done drugs...

10/10/2014 07:15
...which will probably be painfully obvious after you've read 'Dreaming'. I'm also pretty sure that writing the surreal is NOT my forte. But I want to try as many types of writing as I can, so it counts as an experiment!

Time for a spot of hunting!

09/10/2014 07:33
Story number 11 is up and awaiting your comments. It's got a vaguely mythic feel to it - at least, that was the intention!

Number 10 of 70 is up!

25/09/2014 07:30
Giving - the tenth story of the seventy that will make up this project - is now up. Remember to leave a comment!
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