About Rose

Rose Green is a creative writer who lives in Liverpool, UK.

She has a strong academic background having completed her Masters degree in 2011. Her grammar, punctuation and presentation are all excellent.

Rose has also written fanfiction since 2001, has participated in Nanowrimo seven times and is now looking to work as a freelance writer. She has a published story at Shotgun Honey

Her areas of expertise include higher education, family life, the history of Liverpool and religion.   She is available for writing, proofreading and editing jobs of all types.

My visitors

You've probably come here either because I've twisted your arm or because you've read a facebook or twitter post.   Either way, welcome! 

Hopefully, you'll find something interesting to read while you're here.   If anything particular catches your eye - or you think there's something I could add to make the site more interesting - drop me a line.