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I'm just an average guy. You'd never give me a first glance, let alone a second. Being average has all sorts of advantages.

I get the night bus home from work every night. Usually it's just me, but sometimes I have company. Sometimes, I take them home for some fun. I choose the lonely ones, make them feel special for maybe the first time in their lives. I'm an average guy; what harm could I possibly do them? They have no idea right up to the moment when I start to play.

But too many missing people from the same route, and a pattern starts to form. This route was nearly played out; one more and then I'd have to move on. I noticed her as soon as I got on the bus. She was the usual type. Petite, pretty; a sweet little thing. I sat in front of her on the other side of the bus. No threat at all.

When she was there the next night and the next, I began making plans for her. After a few days, I made my move, plonked myself next to her and held out my hand. “Hi! I'm Dave and I feel really rude sitting on the same bus as you every night and not speaking to you. And your name is? Elsie? What a pretty name!”

She laughed, sweet, trusting.

We were so deep in conversation that I 'missed' my stop. When she got off, she accepted my offer to walk her to wherever she was going. Trusting. Stupid. I left her at the factory gate, the perfect gentleman.

The next night, I made the same offer but added, “Would you mind swinging by my place, first? I'm looking after my mate's cat and she's been alone all day.”

“But you get off before me...”

“I know, but this one is actually closer to my place. I get off early for the walk.”

“Like to keep yourself fit, eh?”

My place was close; we actually had to walk past it to get to her work. The thrill was building, now. When we arrived, I opened the front door and waved her through ahead of me. The perfect gentleman.

I closed  and locked the door. My stomach was a knot of anticipation. By now, she had had enough time to take in the room's contents; she would be putty in my hand. I allowed myself a satisfied smile as I turned round; this was going to be a special night.

She was in the centre of the room, revolving slowly, taking it all in. I had pulled out all the stops for her, even arranged my trophies where she would be able to see them all night long. Her fear would fuel the whole experience; and then I would have another trophy to show to the next girl.

But I was getting ahead of myself. First, I had to get her into the restraints. I took a step towards her, my trainer squeaking on the plastic covering the floor.

She turned at the sound but instead of fear and disgust, her expression was one of amusement.

“If I'd known you had handcuffs, I wouldn't have brought my own.”

I looked down at her hands and saw that she was holding a pair of police-issue handcuffs.

“David Watson, I'm Detective Sergeant Elsie Tebbit and I am arresting you for the murder of...”

Suddenly, I came to my senses and made a dash for the door. I fumbled with the lock, but she was on me before I could get a proper grip, slamming me into the wood.

“My nose! You've broken my nose!”

“Why don't you resist arrest a bit more, Dave; let's see what else I can break?” she whispered in my ear.

I went limp and she snapped on the cuffs, read me my rights and called for back up. She was just a sweet little thing; what harm could she do me? I had no idea right up to the moment she brought the cuffs out. Being average has its advantages, but apparently being a sweet little thing has more.

5 Planning

I remember this one...

Date: 10/08/2014 | By: Evan Henry

And I still like it! The best twist endings are the one where someone gets what's coming to them. :)

Re: I remember this one...

Date: 20/09/2014 | By: Rose Green

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Couldn't let this creep get away with it forever!

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